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I just bought a new laptop(a HP) and it keeps underlining every second word as being incorrectly spelt even though they aren't.How do I get rid of this spellcheck thing,it's driving me crazy.

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Bolter: sounds like it might be the language setting D .

does it do it in Microsoft Word or Internet Explorer ?

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Try this, don't install and uninstall, that isn't the problem.

Check uppercase words" is unchecked by default in /Tools /Options/ Language settings / Writing Aids : options.
Every word with a wavy line is most probably an incorrect setting for default language or selection of a wrong language dictionary.

Edit: Note that each version of English uses its own dictionary; spellcheck will not work across different strains of English.…

In the settings on the program you are using either turn off spell check, or set the language to your locality.
you need to take the computer back.