How do I get my exact speed from my modem?

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Hopefully having a reliable connection from an ISP & better chances would be to use a LAN cable from computer to modem.
Tom and Anna Marie:
Hmm…..? Speed FROM a MODEM? If you want to test your connection speed, use a testing service such as
Using Ethernet cable is the best connection not wireless where your cable will give you best connectivity with the modem and the server outside while wireless connections tend to get interfered with other devices , the distance and other users usage also.
Do a speed test like
"How do I get my exact speed from my modem?"

Most people want to know your effective speed computer->router->modem->ISP->internet.

If you just want the speed of your modem, call your ISP, and ask them to poll it. If you gave us model number and manufacturer's name, we could find your manual, and give you instructions how to find it yourself.

Please understand that your ISP programs and throttles your modem from their end. If you are unhappy with your modem's speed, start with talking to your ISP.

If you want to measure what Internet speed you get then visit a website such as
You don't, there are too many variables. Stop asking the same question over and over.
google it tons of free sites
Soak it in cola.
Your " speed " will never be " exact "….it will vary all the time….