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It's ridiculously expensive yes. It's part of Microsoft Office 2016 you can buy it from any computer store or download it off their website but you have to pay. You can ask around your friends if anyone has an old version on CDrom or use this free alternative Another free alternative is OpenOffice but I hate OpenOffice.
You can buy it from any online office site that carries that product (such as,, etc) or even directly from Microsoft's store.

You can use their free online cloud version of Office 2016 where you will have access to Word, Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote. Just log in with your Microsoft account to use it:…

You can always use a free Word program. It's a generic version of Word, but does the same thing. It's called Abiword:

As a stand alone product, part of an Office package, or via Office 365.
Go to and buy it.
Go to your MSA (Microsoft Services Account e.g. and buy it.
Go to the store and download it.
Go to with your MSA and use it in the browser.
Buy it.