How do i get an HP laptop out of a boot loop?

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So about two days ago I went to Factory reset my grandmas brand new HP ProBook 45 g3 and it is now stuck on a boot loop and has been for about a day and a half. I was wondering if there was anything i could do to fix it. Thanks

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Try interrupting the boot by holding the power button. Then restart and do this a couple times until you get to the advanced troubleshooting options. In there you can try the reset again.
Since you were already in the process of reinstalling the OS I assume files aren't an issue. If they are you may try to get to safe mode so you can back them up before doing the next option.

To reinstall the operating system from scratch you can use a copy of windows 10 copied to a USB drive. It's easy, just search for "Windows 10 ISO – Microsoft" to see the tutorial on downloading and making the USB installer.

Since you stated that this is a "new unit", it should stillhave a year of warranty on it. Use it. You paid for it when you brought the laptop. Check the HP web site, get the support line number for your area and call them. They are going to be more experienced with your model then any of us. They should be able to walkyou through the process needed to get it booting up again.
First you have to tell why you did a factory reset on a "brand new HP Probook 45 g3". Seems rather radical.
Call HP for the customer support that you already paid them for. Or try another factory reset. But with no clues what might have happened to the last attempt, I doubt it will be much different.
Dave SecretStonm:
Check for disk errors. Could be failing hardware,
I say use the hammer