How do i fix my mac book pro when its damaged with beer?

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i fell asleep with a beer in hand and it went al over my keyboard, i have it in rice atm but i don t know if rice absorbs beer the same way like water. how do i fix it with out taking it in to a shop or do i have to?

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Beer unlike water is sticky when it is dry. Was the laptop turned on when it got wet ( most likely not as it would be a burnt piece of plastic by now) so you will need to take it apart completely and clean every component that got beer on it. You may be lucky and it only stuck the keyboard together but without taking it apart you cannot KNOW for sure.

Don't surf under the influence!

Let it dry for a time and hope. If it works OK after that then you got away with a dumb mistake. If it doesn't work then take it to a repair shop.


Remove the hard drive and take a look at the controller board on the bottom side of the drive.

If it is wet, wipe is clean and let it dry thoroughly before turning on.

please dry some time and contact the nearest service center.