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Go to your Download file. Scrol over the files. You will see a box pop up at the left of the file. Left click the box and that will check mark it. Once you all the file check that you want to delete, click the red X at the top of the files. Once click, all gone.

Now that was widow 10. If you do not have the red X then right click any shaded file. This will being up a panel of things you would like to do. Click Delete.

Keep in mind that this does not totally delete the file from your PC. They all went to the recycle bin and can be retrieved.

That depends on what you downloaded and your OS. There are a few ways to do it depending on the download and your OS. If it is a program you should be able to go into Control Panel and look under uninstall programs and do it from there. If it is a file then find where you downloaded it to, such as A Download folder and delete it there. If it shows up on your desktop and has its own delete feature use that. If you don't know what it is,. use the name and search for it on your computer and that should tell you where it is.


Heathens Take It Slow:
First, you go to the file that the download was saved in, usually you could find it in your desktop in a file labeled "downloads" and then open it, if you know the name of this file go to the search bar and enter the file name, it should be the first thing that would pop up, and then you hover your mouse over it, right click, a seletion should appear and you click the delete option. And then it would be in your recycle bin, like anything you would delete.

Or you go to the start, on windows 10 it shows "ask me anything" and has the windows icon next to it. In the "ask me anything" box you can enter the file name to search for it in any file if you don't know where the file is located, and it should pop up. and right click it and it will show one option "open file location" and you click that option and it'll immediately take you to the location so you can once again, right click, and select delete.

File explorer. Find the file. Right click. Delete.