How do i delete a computer virus PLS HALP !!!?

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Use a AV, if you can't get a paid AV, use a free one like AVG, Avast, Or Avira, also download malwarebytes and try HitmanPro and HerdProtect, however you can delete a virus manually using cmd.exe which is command prompt. Right click it, run it as an adminisrator and type attrib, then type cd.. then type attrib, then type cd.., then attrib again. If you see any autorun.inf files in there, then you have a virus. So, type ren autorun.inf autorun.rar then you can delete the virus in windows Explorer by deleting autorun.rar this should help you.
Hi I would like to help you. Follow my instructions. You did not say if you have an Anti-Virus program. If you do update your definitions and scan. If you do not have an Anti-virus get Avast Free it a great antivirus as good as paid and its free Download it here… Next get the BEST free ANti-Malware program called Malwarebytes. Download it here update the definitions and do a full scan. Quarantine the malicious items and restart your computer Next get Superantispyware and update the definitions and scan Get it here Get the free version Next we are going to use a built in Windows tool to check for infections. It iscalled The MRT AKA Malicious software removal tool. Hit start and run and type "mrt" do a quick scan. Now your computer is clean. I spent a lot of time helping you for free so please vote me for best answer
Install 360 Total Security & scan your pc through it
A good AV will quarantine it and allow you to delete it manually. Install Microsoft's free AV. See link.