How do I connect a new laptop to my wifi?

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Most WiFi has password to get into it. You know it? Good.
Start your "new laptop" (of some make, model, operating system) wireless setup from keyboard combo of Fn and F(some number). Or go to Windows Control Panel or system settings and network. There you will find connection options. Use those.
That is all that can be guessed from your information about "new laptop" and "my wifi" which was nothing.
ALL DETAILS are important when asking for long distance help at Answers.
It;s simple, but factors such as your OS (Windows or Mac) make a difference. So can the router.

Very basically, any wifi-capable computer/device has a "setup network connection" option. Searching your system's Help files will generally walk you through it. Your router will likely appear as the top, as the strongest signal.

Really, just take a few minutes to search for network connections, and you will be led to it. I am sure you are anxious to set it up though, and would rather not waste time! 🙂

(Not knowing your specific PC/OS/configuration makes the question slightly harder to answer in a straightforward manner. But if it is a brand new device, search around Help options and it will walk you through it easily.)

Scan for WiFi signal, click on one, enter the password. Use the icon down the bottom right.
himanshu g:
connect to a network : – select your wifi name : click connect : type your password :

and you are online 🙂

Find the connection
Put in (assumed) password
Uhhh, the same way you connected the old laptop?