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I want to charge the battery of my Acer Aspire laptop for the first time, but it doesn't say anything in the manual about the best way to do this. I heard that it should be charged for 12 hours the first time. Is this true? It is a Li-Ion battery, if that makes a difference.

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Wanda: Yes, letting the car run will charge the battery. Driving does it faster. If you want to charge it just idling, let it run for a good half hour or so. Starting the car uses some power from the battery, so you need to let it run long enough to make that back and then some. Driving, the motor runs faster, which makes the alternator run faster, generating more electricity to charge the battery with.

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Read the manufacturer's recommendations for first charge. Many did (used to…) specify to charge it overnight for the first time, then as required (until "full" thereafter). Some of this was more relevant with early NI-Metal Hydride batteries, but I have seem some LI-Ion batteries that still ask for overnight charging.
Most laptop batteries in a new machine are not fully charged, usually they have only a very low charge.
It doesn't matter. Lithium ion batteries do not have to be charged/discharged when first used. Lithium ion batteries do degrade over time when being used. The more cycles of discharge/charge, will cause them to wear out. If you tend to keep your laptop plugged in all the time, if possible, remove the battery when not using it. Having a battery in and plugged in to an outlet will use the battery a little then charge it again. This degrades it faster.
Taco Dance:
It doesn't matter. There are many myths about charging a battery but there is nothing to thing about. Just charge it. If you charge for 1 hour or 3 days. it makes no difference to the life. This is for Li-Ion batteries. If you have a Nickle battery (which you dont) then there is a recommended way to charge.
The time is not the same.Some battery can be used for 2-3 years.So you check it if normal or not.

then you can decide to change it or not.

Good Luck!

Those are old myths about how to do so. Just plug it in as necessary.