How do I change the read only attribute on dvd/cd?

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You want to write to a CD or DVD? Good luck with that! Even if it's a recordable DVD/CD, once it's been finalised you can't change it. Sorry.
Chris P:
You don't.

DVDs and CDs are READ ONLY media. Data can only be written onto them during the manufacturing process. There is no software setting you can use that will change that.

Laurence I:
you cant. thats what it is read only. cd/dvd media is either Write Once or Rewritable(write many). once a dvd/cd is CLOSED you cannot add data to it. if you drag files from it and they retain their READ ONLY attributes, right click them and untick the read only box, once they are copied to a hard drive/usb
You can't change it once it is set that way unless you format it. As for the above answer that they are all read only and can't be written to, that is wrong. I have dozens of them that I write to every day.