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Using keys now
for cut Ctrl+x
for paste Ctrl+v
Using mouse now
right click cut
right click paste
Then mous right baton this cut and paste or keyboard Ctrl X or Ctrl V. Thank you.
Place the cursor on the screen, right before the text that you want to cut.
Left click mouse and hold button.
Drag the mouse to "highlight" the text on the screen.
Release the mouse button.

Place the cursor anywhere on the highlighted portion of the text.
Right click the mouse to bring a drop down box on the screen.
Left click "Copy" (puts the highlighted area into the computers memory).

Go to a different area of the screen, or different tab that you want to paste what you just cut.
Place the cursor where you want to paste it.
Right click the mouse.
Left click "Paste"

Instead of cut & paste, you can copy & paste
The area you copied will remain and you can paste it in another area.

use Ctrl+x to cut and Ctrl+v to paste
Use Ctrl+x to cut
and Ctrl+v to paste
cut Ctrl + X and
Copy Ctrl +V
Md Rashedul:
Select anything which you want paste.. then go to file location where u want to move the content/file and click on
right button of mouse & click left button keeping poiter on past…
Ctrl+ C (Copy) and Ctrl+ V(Paste)
Right click –> copy/cut, Right click –> paste
Or …. [ctrl+c] is copy, [ctrl+x] is cut, and [ctrl+v] is paste
Hope I helped 🙂 (If you have an Apple computer, replace ctrl with command)
Elaine M:
People don't paste hair.