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I've got a new windows 7 olivetti computer but cannot update windows.
I literally left it on for an entire day checking for updates & it never got anywhere.
How do I force updates on it?

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Darth Vegeta 2:
To use the Microsoft Update site to install all critical updates for your computer, follow these steps:
Connect to the Internet, and then start Windows Internet Explorer.
On the Tools menu, click Windows Update.
If Microsoft Update is not installed, click Microsoft Update.
The new Microsoft purposefully broke the updates to shake off windows 7 users and make them update to 10.

Then they quietly posted the convenience pack now Google windows 7 service pack 2 is the site to look at on it are the windows service pack installer and the service pack itself.

After that you google windows 7 not updating

Control panel > Windows Update icon
Robert J:
Install Win 7 SP1 – find an "offline installer".…

Install IE11 (likewise the offline version).…

Then install the Windows Update Update…
Get that here:…

That *should* get it working…

try the microsoft update troubleshooter…