How can I test to see if I can download windows 10 on this computer?

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Assuming your Windows 7 or 8 is legally Activated, the linked Upgrade Assistant App also runs on Windows 7. And W 10 will test your PC's compatibility during the Installation, too.

And FYI, Windows Vista, or XP and older, PC's do not qualify for the free W 10 Upgrade, nor do PIRATED Versions of Windows.

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if i recall right, win 10 upgrade is free for win 7 and 8 uses until July of this year. If your computer is compatible, a 'upgrade to windows 10' icon should appear in your system tray. there is no way to download win 10 without that icon. the upgrade process is nearly fully automatic, it will determine compatibility on its own.

if you cannot get that icon to appear, then your system is not eligible for free upgrade (a $200 value) and you'll have to buy it from a retailer. win 10 system requirements here.…

buying it from a retailer you'll have the option to download vs physical copy, the download is about 4 GB in size, downloading can have problems if your internet isn't fast, stable or reliable, a physical copy has an addition advantage that if you need the OS disk for any reason you don't need to re-download, burn iso to DVD to use.

You dont have too as long your system requirement support it..
but if u want to be a 100% sure try install virtual box,configure it ( its easy ) and make sure u have windows 10 dvd or iso file cause VIRTUAL BOX will need it.
Virtual Box = Its a software to install ANY OS to your computer but without losing your current windows. its like a normal program that u can open it in ur desktop.
Simply try the installer! It will run the compatabilility check and stop if there is a problem. You can't accidentally install windows 10 to a non compatible machine it won't let you
Ravi Kiran:
Do you update windows regularly??

If you update windows, you would notice windows icon on the bottom right side where you have date and time.

That's an indication where you have an option to download windows 10

If you don't have icon, manually check for updates.


google search the model number of your pc with the word "drivers".
find the drivers download page on your computer manufacturer's website.
under operating system drop list, look for Windows 10. don't see it? not compatible…
most pcs are not unless they were made less than 2 years ago.
If you see annoying Tiles, you'll know you have it. Get a copy of Classic Shell to give the desktop the look and feel of windows 7. Right click the start button to configure.
Attempting the installation will run a pre-diagnostics to see if your computer is compatible for Windows 10.
Don't. Windows 10 is worthless and basically just malware the operating system.
Just look at your hardware, and compare it to the Windows 10 minimum requirements