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Every time I go to a website I get a survey to fill out and am promised some sort of prize like makeup or a ipod. This started last week.It does it for every site. How can I get this to stop ?
Windows XP, Panda Antivirus.

Other answer:

1. It's not a virus, it's a pop-up. Antivirus programs usually don't filter for pop-ups unless the specific pop-up has a virus (not the site you're on) so they can easily be installed "secretly". Most sites have pop-ups now, so you'll either have to deal with it or quit using those sites.

2. Get an ad blocker. There are many free ones out there. I love Ad Blocker Plus.

Grab a free copy of malwarebytes at Install and run the scan. Clean off anything it finds.

If you still can't get it, I recommend using a service to clean your PC, like they will clean up anything they find and they guarantee their work!

FYI, XP is no longer supported by almost everyone. You might want to consider saving up for a new device.

Win XP is no longer supported. It is old and insecure and unsafe to use, as you gave found out. Upgrade to a modern OS / computer.
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