How can I speed up my slow *** ASUS laptop ?

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1. Run Disk Cleanup utility.It removes from hard drive unnecessary files.Utility is located:right click on My computer.On drop-down menu left click Properties.Go to section Capacity.Click on Disk Cleanup.
2. Uninstall from computer all unnecessary files:movies,games,etc to free more hard drive space.
3.Open your browser.You need to clean browsing data..
In Google Chrome you go to Customize and Control (top right corner).
Click on it,then go to More Tools / Clean Browsing Data.Change to 4 weeks,press
Clear Browsing Data,
4. Install on your computer program called Malwarebytes from site infections slow computer.
1] Every time you are done, make sure you shut down your laptop properly. Do not force shutdown.
2] Avoid public Wi-Fi as much as possible.
3] Antivirus(default -windows defender is Okay, else Avast/Kaspersky.).
4] Clean up temporary files regularly(CC cleaner will be healpfull)
5] Disable startup programs those are not necessary.(task manager->startup).
6] Avoid multi tasking.
Upgrade your pc.
Swap HDD with an SSD
ram upgrade or do disc cleanup and delete any unused programs of files
Asif ul alam Shuvo:
empty recycle bin,disk clean up