How can i make my windows 7 ultimate run faster for gaming?

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If you're experiencing game lag it's most likely your video card isn't strong enough to pull the game. Since it's Win 7, if you are trying to run a modern day game I would imagine that is most definitely your issue since hardware normally needs upgrading to keep up with game manufacturer technology. But if you're trying to run an old game that used to run fine then it's likely something else. More details would need to be provided to go much further but this should give you a general idea.
Master Of Puppets:
Vague questions again…..

Does your system meet the requirements for the games you're trying to play?
Make sure your drivers are fully updated as well as your Windows updates and other software
Close unnecessary programs while gaming
Make sure that your GPU/CPU aren't too hot and that you have adequate cooling.
Make sure that you don't have any viruses/malware. Do regular virus scans with a good AV, like Avast or Avira and MalwareBytes.

Tom and Anna Marie:
It does not work that way. The operating system is not the defining factor. The speed factors are: The amount of memory, The motherboard/cpu, the storage media speed where the OS resides and the video card capability.. Get the best performance from your rig without making hardware changes by simply doing the basics.
1. type "msconfig" in the search box off line and click on it. Open the startup drop down box and uncheck all programs other than hardware programs. Now, when you restart, they will not load down memory and therefore not slow down your PC. Now more memory will be available for gaming.
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Add ram