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i just got a new Lenovo ideapad 100s laptop for Christmas. its an extreme budget laptop lol. it has 32gb of hard drive and 2 gb of RAM. its extremely slow and im wondering what i can do to make it way faster. can i add ram to it? i dont know a lot about computers so any help is much appreciated.

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Wyatt: The ideapad is made to be compact and portable so it is not really made for gamers and upgrading. You can upgrade the SSD but it will be expensive. Ram, GPU, and CPU is impossible to upgrade due to them being apart of the motherboard itself. Ram is not everything by the way, it can only help with multitasking. If your into waiting a bit, there is going to be a graphics card dock you can connect to your usb port and it will make a laptop a gaming laptop pretty much. Merry Christmas!

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Replacing the harddrive to an ssd will give you faster startup time. Adding more ram will increase multitasking.
In order to speed up your slow computer, you should clean your computer regularly and use a antivirus software to kill virus.
Do not put too much icons on the desktop.
Close the unnecessary running programs, uninstall the programs you do not need.
Reduce the startup programs.
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Well 1….you don't have a hard drive….you have a 32 gig ssd memory card…..2… can't add more ram…2gig is the max it can hold….
Grease it with butter. Or try putting on some new shoues
yes you can add ram. Contact Lenovo
stan l:
Replace it with a real computer.

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