How can I learn c programming fastly ?

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I recommend a class; you need to learn C well, so speed isn't important. A good text is
Kelley & Pohl, A Book on C; also Darnell, Margolis, C: A Software Engineering Approach.
You should buy K & R . You need to plan on writing lots of programs, say two per day,
at least, for six months. When you're finished with these books, Perry, Advanced C Programming
by Example will show you a few more areas, but you'll still be learning. Good luck.
> John (gnujohn)
You can be presented with the concepts but whether or not you can understand and remember the concepts depends on your abilities.

You might be able to do it quickly, but most people can't do it fastly.

And how quick is quick? Are you talking about number of hours?

If you spend one hour a day for 40 days, is that slow, but 8 hours a day for 5 days, is that quick? It's the same number of hours?

just "JR":
Average people can learn C basics in a couple of months. They become experts in a couple YEARS.
A gifted genius will become an expert in a couple of weeks (I have met ONE in 45 years).
A non-gifted programmer can try for years, and never achieve anything! (that's the case for 85% of people)
justin e:…
this is a texbook on c and c++ used in university computer science class rooms

read 100 pages a day, do a program or two a day, you should be done in 9 days or less

Lots of practice.