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My boyfriend lives in the middle of no where and doesn t have wifi because of it. He s phone bill for internet is through the roof! Is there something i can buy so he has it?

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Wifi and internet are different things. People often get confused by this. Wifi is just a means to connect to a network. A network is often used to connect to internet. Addind a wifi router to your boyfriends home will not change his phone bill. It will only change the way his computer connects to his internet providor.

What you want to do is look for a new Internet Service Provider (ISP). It sounds like he is using dial-up internet. So you might look for a providor in your area that has DSL internet. You wont likly have cable internet available, so if you can't get DSL either you will have to see if you can get a cellular company that offers mobile hotspots. You can also look into satelite internet, such as Hugesnet.

WIFI having accessing through signal only.
You can't get wifi without signal lol
Yes. A wifi router will provide Wifi. BUT WiFi just provides a wireless connection to your network. It might have NOTHING to do with access to the Internet! NORMALLY WiFi provides a wireless connection to your network, and then to your broadband connection to the Internet – but that depends on you having a broadband connection to the Internet in the first place.
Maybe you should buy mobile data stick.
A router…