How can I get more disk space on my PC?

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I want to download a game on my computer but I don't have even space. This is a new computer and there is no files on it.

Best Answer:

Sawyer: Perhaps your hard disk in not completely used. It has space but no drives.
if you are a windows 7 onwards user
right click on computer (or 'this pc' in 8 onwards)
select 'manage'
select disk management and see if you can create any new drives.
if maximum space for drives is used, then perhaps your hard disk is a small one.

Other answer:

If it is a new computer & it doesn't have space, then you'd likely need to get an external drive 1st.
Master Of Puppets:
What kind of computer do you have?
Chances are that if you don't have enough space, your computer probably isn't going to be good for gaming.
How is that possible? What is the side of the hard drive?
are u running on a potato?