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There are a number of free hosting sites; all limited in some way, and none of them will give you a free domain name. You'll get a subdomain of a domain owned by the hosting company. All free and inexpensive plans are shared hosting, which means you won't get the best response time. Many are ad-supported.

One host that's been around for a few years and hasn't gone bankrupt is They have free hosting for a decent sized site (2GB max) and 20GB of bandwidth per month, plus PHP, 2 MySQL databases, 5 emails and a (reduced function) control panel. There's also a website builder, if your HTML/CSS skills aren't there yet.

Be sure to give them an email address you check regularly when you sign up. One thing they do (or used to do) is purge inactive free sites. If a site has no traffic for a while, they'll email the owner. You'll need to update or visit the site yourself at least once a week to keep it alive.

PS: Don't be fooled by the "free domain hosting" they claim. That's is not the same as a free domain name. All that means is that you'll pay registry fees to someone else for exclusive use of the name (an official registrar) and they are usually more expensive that getting the name bundled with a paid hosting account.

Places like " " have free websites. They will try to sell you a pay site, but keep clicking the free link and you'll eventually have your own site.

You can use your personal domain name, but it would cost as you'd have to register the domain name, IE: is a full domain name that must be registered at a cost, but using freeservers and one of their free sub-domains, the website would become, or you could choose, or any with a .net, or .org instead of .com. Lots of variables are available.

The free site also has a website tool to help you build a website if you don't know how to do your own website coding and upload the files directly. How do they offer a free site? There will be some ads and occasional banners on your site. Those are paying advertisers who are paying freeservers to advertise and in exchange for having a banner on your site, you get the site free. I have never seen any that weren't legitimate and socially acceptable banners.

Not a bad choice for a personal site, or a business just starting that later will establish a professional site of their own with their own registered domain name. Be advised that there are rules for the site. Porn sites will be terminated. Any illegal activity sites will be terminated. The maximum size of your site will be 50MB total and there is a per file maximum file size, so huge files may not be used. There are ways to join numerous sites together by including links that address the other site(s), so you could theoretically have each large page on a different website, but all tied together by links.

There are plenty of resources are available to create a free website today! Some of them are
Tumblr etc..
At the very least, you will always need to pay an ISP for access to the Internet. So no Web site that you want to offer to Web surfers round the globe can ever be truly free for you, even if you host it from your own computer.

But, if you no how to configure your computer to be a Web server, and you have a static IP address, you can get buy with just paying your ISP for a non-capped Internet access account. You'll need to maintain your own computer security, and protect the security of those who access your site (and who, possibly, provide information to you about themselves).

To create a free blog, I recommend
To create a free website using custom HTML / CSS, use
You can create any web site you want for free. HTML/CSS/Java Script code can be written with any Text Editor.
Having it Hosted on the Internet will cost you money unless your ISP will host it for Free.
To create a blog or website without knowing any programming language, you can use WordPress, Blogspot,Yola .
Goranko Ilić:
You can use Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress and Medium for blogs. There are many web hosting sites. You can find them on Google, Yahoo or Bing. I advice you to search web hosting with cpanel.
By using wordpress,webnode
Search on google.