Hi there. I think avast is a virus, is this true?

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I hear from ally my friends avast is good, but last night i downloaded it, it changed my pc name, i consinstently get not respodings, and my printer is broken. It found my network password and everything, how should i fix? And if it isnt avast, what could it be?

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No! Avast is not a virus. It is a genuine antivirus program.
You may have downloaded SOME OTHER program/application and not Avast.
To fix this
1> First uninstall that program.
2> Download and install some other reputed antivirus program like Comodo Free Antivirus.
3> Do not download programs from 3-party websites.
4> After installation of the antivirus, update it and run a complete scan.
5> After malware gets detected, delete them.
6> Your PC should be OK by now.
There are fake sites out there that claim to be legitimate sites. (either spamming, or showing as pop ups, etc.) Always get software from the software company's download site and NOT through any 3rd party site. IE: Softronic is notorious for virii, trackers, malware, etc.

If you do a search for Avast and then download from their site, it should find the fake Avast and get rid of it.

I've been using avast for 8 years with no problems, its very unlikely that avast is the cause of that.
Curious…did we go to avast for this program or did we do to some 3rd party web site???….
No, but any antivirus program is almost as bad as a virus. It slows your computer down and it tells you what to do.