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This appears on the laptop. But on following the steps the laptop comes back into the same page with the same instruction over and over again !
I can't upload the picture.
But it appears as:
A disk read error pictures
Press Ctrl+Alt+Dlt to restart

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ANNA: You need to run a chkdsk /f scan at startup. If should fix it. Google how to schedule a chkdsk /f scan at startup for your operating system.

Other answer:

With no clues about make, model, age, warranty, operating system, what happened just before this, no guessing.
Contact maker, whoever that is, for customer service you already paid them for.
Hope you realize how important ALL DETAILS are when getting long distance help at Answers.
Open Windows Explorer (File Explorer, Computer, My Computer, explorer.exe).  Right-click the C drive and click Properties.  Click Tools.  Under Error-checking, click Check Now.  Select "Automatically fix…" and click Start.

You should be prompted to schedule the disk check at the next restart.  Agree to the action and restart the computer at your earliest convenience.

The disk needs replacing. Maybe the whole laptop…
You need to post more details…