Help! Someone I met on minecraft has my IP address help!?

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Having your ip address isnt really an issue, its unlikely 99% of people you meet online would even know what to do with it, let alone what to do after that lol.
A real hacker would not tell you anything, they wouldnt even contact you.
And chances are your on what is called a dynamic IP address, depending on which isp you use, as soon as you disconnect your internet, and turn off the router/modem leave it off for about 10 minutes and turn it back on you will have a new IP.
An IP address means nothing. It is an internet reference number only. No inof can be gained from knowing it unless they are law enforcement and get a warrant that tells the ISP to give out your personal info. The most an IP does is tell them where your ISP has its headquarters. For instance my IP traces back to the corporate headquarters of my cable company, which happens to be in Florida. (I live in the other end of the country)
It is not your IP address it belongs to your ISP. Everything you do on the Internet reveals the IP address you are currently using. It is not a problem. That is how the Internet works.
They aren't able to do much with it, there are 2 of them. One doesn't mean anything to them but they can find out where you live. One is seriously bad and you are pretty much screwed if they are actually a "Hacker"
Just use a VPN, I recommend cyberghost or Hotspot shield if you want want a free one. Keep in mind vpns don't keep you anonymous.
It is not your IP at the same time the service provider will not allow same IP It may be your ISP ..Please dont care it.
Who cares?
What do you require help with?