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So my parents ban me from using laptop, parents being a computer specialist,they locked my laptop with A STRANGE PASSWORD WTF,so if u try to log in,there will be just black screen with "password?".and if u fail to enter it 3 times,it shuts down by itself,help!?
Im using toshiba,and please tell what do i do to disable THAT PASSWORD if im in,i mean,when i have been given a permission to access the laptop? Please answer

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Why did you get banned from it in the first place? Because if it was as a punishment, the only thing you can really do is proceed with the punishment. The longer you moan and try to figure out the password and try to hack it, the longer the punishment will go on. Do all of your studying/work, hang out with your parents more, do chores, help around the house voluntarily and things like that. if they've banned you for an unknown reason, you really need to have a talk with them about why.
Yahoo Answers don't deal with password work-arounds because of legal and personal security issues. Oh, yeah, the morality in there too.
To answer your question, no way around this if they implemented a BIOS password or some other code to protect Windows.
Sorry, but that is what it is….
Shouldn't have done whatever it was that got you banned. Time you learned that your actions have consequences.
Go out and burn their car in protest, you fake troll.