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I got a message from ebay last week saying an item I had for sale was taken down for copyright violation! I had no such item for sale! I called ebay, was told to change my password. I changed it! Now I get an item in my watch list I didn't put there. What's going on? Any ideas?
I guess I don't make it clear, I changed my password! And the item in my watch came up after I changed it!

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EBAY has not been hacked. Account Security at EBAY has informed you the seller was not legitimate or you may have been hacked. This is not unusual. Just change your password and name ID in case your account was breached. If you have an item in your Watch List, someone put it there. Take their advice.
are you absolutly sure the message was from ebay? was it in the 'my ebay' messages? or did you just get an email (probably a scam if you just got an email)?

what number did you call? did you find it on eBays website, or was it in the message? found online??

i would change the password to your account again, but before you do, make sure to do a virus scan and a malware scan, disable all your browser extensions/plugings/addons.


if you dont have antivirus

Avast Free


with both, make sure you dont install the trial or upgrade, which will be a 30 day trial of the paid for version.


unfortunatly, Ebay doesn't seem to have a log out of everywhere feature. or a way to remotly log off, which is pretty bad if you loose a phone that you are logged into the app with.

someone might have logged into your ebay account, either on a computer or through the app, and has not logged off yet.

i'm not sure if you can do this remotely, but you might have to contact eBay to ask them to log you out of all devices that you might be signed in on.

ebay does eventually log you out and require you to enter your password again on the app, but (in my experience) this only happens once every few months.

so even though you might have changed passwords, they might still be logged in somewhere.

It's very possible you have a key stroke logger on your system. This will send anything you type, including new passwords directly to the person who has control of your account.

Run your anti virus program and download something like Spybot Search & Destroy. Update it and run it.

Godless Gazoo:
Yeah….sounds like YOUR account is hacked.