Has anyone heard of a company named SAGG LLC?

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I've been offered a job with them.But it seems like a scam.There website is http://sagg-electronics.biz .

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They sent me a "job offer". Sounds like you receive packages at your home. The rub here is what if they are using stolen credit cards or even the Green Dot/Western Union money that have been scammed from innocents to buy this stuff?

STAY AWAY, especially when an email address looks like this: Todd Espinoza <margaretrawlings@eircom.net>
It doesn t even use a company email and the names Todd and Margaret in the email address just is a dead giveaway.

Huge scam. A friend spoke with a man who called himself Thomas Goldstain. They have a contract and look legit. $2500 per month. receiving and shipping packages. He did it for a month. Cops came by his house 3 times and retrieved
3 items that were apparently bout with stolen credit cards. Suddenly the guys e-mail and phone are out of service. And of course my friend never got paid.
Hello, I received the same job offer and I am also just as skeptical as you are. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Did you send them your information?
I also received a same job offer as you received. Good thing I looked for the website and I found out this forum. Thanks.
what will happen if we further if we work with them without giving them any information.
So what do I do if I fell into their trap??