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We moved into an apartment and they told us wifi was included in our rent price we jusy needed a router. So we bought a router plugged it up and still get no internet. Can someone help?

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Tonya W:
If you needed to buy a router, than INTERNET was included, not WiFi.

Plug the Router into the wall with Ethernet. The wall connection should go to the WAN port.
Connect a computer to the router with Ethernet using one of the four Ethernet ports.
Boot router.
After oh, a minute or so, boot computer.
Press windows key R and type cmd
type ipconfig on the command line and press enter.
Note the gateway address.
Open a browser
Type the gateway address into the browser.

This will get you to the log in page of the router. Your manual will have the default user name and password. There are wizards on the router. Run them.

Routers do not by default, turn on WiFi. You have to tell it to do that.

Unfortunately David is on the right track here. Your router probably needs some programming changes to it.

I can't be more specific because I don't know the apartments network setup or which router you have, so I can't tell you what setting are going to need to be changed, but anyone familiar with routers and networking can probably figure it out in a few minutes.

Arthur Dent:
Go back to the person that told you you needed to buy a router to get WIFI and ask if they will come to your apartment and help set it up correctly.
Master Of Puppets:
If Wi-Fi was already included with your apartment, then you wouldn't have needed to purchase a wireless router. They probably meant that Internet, which is VERY different than Wi-Fi, is included.

As Arthur said, you might need to ask them to set it up, or at least point you in the right direction.

Contact the owner or agency.