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My laptop operating system isn t working. I have to delete partitions, but don t want to lose my free upgrade to Windows 10.
I d like to get the WIn10 key from the bios, as the operating system isn t working.
Is this possible?
Any way to reserve my free Win10 upgrade if I delete partitions?


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T T:
If the computer originally shipped with Windows 8, then the Windows 8 PK (Product Key) is stored in BIOS (often called the "BIOS OEM key").  If you upgraded to Windows 10, then the Windows 10 PK is stored in the Registry, and can be viewed using Nirsoft's ProduKey, which can also display the BIOS key.…

If you activated the Windows 10 installation and have made no hardware changes, then reinstallation is extremely easy.  Simply elect not to enter a PK when prompted and, when installation completes, the PK will be retrieved from the online Microsoft database and activation will be automatic.

Note that if you downloaded but did not install the Windows 10 update, you will be unable to do so as the offer expired July 29.  There is an exception for those using "assistive technologies" for "significant vision, hearing, dexterity, language or learning needs".…

Laurence I said, "if you had original 7 and upgraded, then you must put in 7 again back the same way, then do the upgrade", but that is not the case.  After you first upgrade to Windows 10 and successfully activate, you may install Windows 10 again (any number of times, without limit) without Windows 7 first being present — in fact, even if the hard disk is completely erased.

If your Win 10 isn't working correctly, why are you deleting the partitions? This makes no sense.

If you are needing to reinstall your Win 10, you don't need the product key to do it because the Win 10 upgrade is free for the life of that computer. The activation process is automatic. Just reinstall Win 10 (using the Win 10 media creation tool), when it gets to the page asking you for the product key, just skip that step. Once you get to the desktop, and connect to the internet, the reactivation is automatic.

Laurence I:
as far as i know, you can re-install windows 10(again and again) and it has remembered your pc settings(on a server in a microsoft cloud somewhere) and will re-activate it for you, however it must have followed the same route. eg if you had original 7 and upgraded, then you must put in 7 again back the same way, then do the upgrade the same way, because it remembers the 10 and the previous os too as well as your mainboard id. so you dont need a 10 licence because it was from an eigible original licence. knowing the licence and trying to clean install 10 wont activate because its gonna look from the upgrade path from the 7 previous os too and it wouldnt be there.
The Windows key is registered with Microsoft. It is not in the BIOS. just reinstall the latest version of Windows onto the sane hardware, and you will use the same registration.
Get it from the inernet