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If I only run windows on my mac as the main OS, is it technically a pc?
*technically a Windows PC.

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Excellent question. I would say this: since both Apple and PC Manufacturers buy their hardware from the same manufacturers, then essentially the internal hardware is the same whether it's a Mac or a PC. So using that hardware and "running it" with any version of Windows would in my mind make that computer a PC. The Operating System is after all, the only major difference in those two types of computers. So that's my humble opinion.
"If I only run windows on my mac as the main OS, is it technically a pc?"

There are different meanings for "pc" and "PC". Remember Apple's ad campaign "Hello. I'm a Mac." "And I'm a PC."

– pc (lower case) means any personal computer.
– PC (upper case) means an IBM Personal Computer® compatible computer.

When we speak of PC verses Mac, we all know that PC means those computers that don't run Mac OS normally. The confusion started in 2006 when Apple switched to Intel main processors. That is not the main difference between PC and Mac. The ROM chip function is the main difference.

After IBM entered the personal / home computer market, it gained a large share of the office computer business. That's when Microsoft Windows stepped up to the plate and offered an OS to run these new IBM computers.

Soon as IBM gained most all of the personal office computer business, along came Compac who reverse-engineered the IBM ROM chip. Then it became easy for any company to make a computer that could run all the special software that made IBM Personal Computer® valuable.

The difference in ROM chip means….
– When you buy a graphics card for a tower, it should be advertised as "Mac" or not. A PC only card will work for all PC brands, but not for any Mac.
– Mac architecture can install and run the Mac OS (appropriate version) directly with no hacking.
PC cannot.
– Mac can load a "Startup Manager" from ROM if you hold the option key at startup that shows any partition with a bootable system installed, allowing you to choose between two or more versions of Mac OS or versions of Windows.
PC cannot.
– Mac can reset the VRAM if you hold four keys (⌘ option P R) at startup.
PC cannot.
– Mac uses EFI firmware loading at startup instead of BIOS.
PC uses BIOS.
– Mac cannot boot to an installation of Windows on any partition created from the Windows software of the Windows installation DVD. It needs a hybrid partition created by the Apple Boot Camp Assistant utility on a GPT partition scheme.
PC can boot to an install of Windows on a Windows-created partition.

In short, no, an Apple computer is not a PC. It is a pc.


It is a macbook running on pc software so not a pc completely
Higgy Baby:
Its technically a PC no matter which OS you run.
No, its not a "windows" PC just because you are running windows… is the OS, the PC is just a personal computer.