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I have only 150$ but I have an Xbox one too. I can save up if it's not enough

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steven: I wouldn't buy any sort of computer with $150. First of all, don't buy a computer specifically made for gaming, you'll be ripped the **** off. Any computer with 8GB Intel i5 NVidia graphics card should be good for running about 70% of games with good settings. That would cost you about £400, which is probably around $600.

Other answer:

A gaming computer is around $1500. NOT $150!!
If you're looking for a gaming computer, the graphics card alone would likely cost more than your $150 for a mid-range card. You're much better off sticking to your Xbox one for now, there's loads of great games available and it's graphically superior to any sub-$400 PC you could get new.
Mate you can't even buy the lowest range with 150 lmao
Its not impossible but not a good idea watch this video to see how it's made and why it's a bad idea at its ending