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New HDD an GPu not the problem
amd 6300 fx 3.5 ghz cpu appears to run fine
6gb ddr3 ram mem test came back fine
asrock 990 extreme 4 motherboard appears fine can handle cpu
PSU 530 raidmax voltages are fine
IM at a serious loss I could use any help idk what the issue is

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What have been you doing with it, gaming, watching movies, intense activities like that? It sounds like a memory has a burned module. If you didn't experience this before, let's say like after a month after buying it or at least a week. Definitely it's one of the modules of your RAM, the RAM in your video card or the CPU itself. If you didn't move the CPU, discard it and it's between the heat in the RAM cards and the video card.

The CPU must be well placed on it's socket, if not, it makes things like you are experiencing.

Check the temperature that the video card reaches when you are playing and try to write the maximum, if it's 100°c or 105°C there you have the culprit. All the cards shut down to self protection from burning, the same the CPU. When a hard disk reaches more than 45°C gets slower gets slower but it won't crash the system unless it has debris caused by contact in the platters, which is caused by high temperature that pushes the writing arm against the platters and this should never happen because your data is in there. If it ever reaches 65°C it could explode if it's the old technology with air, the new ones have helium and don't explode.

If the storage drive is solid it will simply burn.

Just in case check the amperage of your power supply, and that you are not using the same cable to more than one device at a time. If you are doing so, that's another cause of constant rebootings.
A faulty breaker in your electric installation could be other reason, buy a new one if you see him deformed by the heat and if it smells. The new one should be for 40 amperes given the features of your computer.

Check that and come back to tell.

Do you have a spare hard drive or a USB Flash drive? Try running Linux Ubuntu or Elementary OS would be easiest. Then run Prime95 for a few hours to rule out the CPU, Unigine Heaven or Valley for a few hours to rule out the GPU, then run a full memory test with Memtest86+. If everything checks out fine. I would look at your Windows installation. It may be time for a refresh although I prefer a clean reinstall. It's usually a quicker and more reliable procedure than trying to isolate and repair the software issue.

If it starts crashing in Linux. It is a hardware issue. Hopefully in consistently occurs on one of the tests so you can isolate the hardware. If not it could be the motherboard. You can stress test the PSU buy running P95 and Unigine simultaneously. If mildly overloaded it shouldn't last more than fifteen minutes before overheating. Although an overloaded PSU symptoms are usually a sudden cutting of power not freezing and crashing. Same goes with any other thermal problem.

This does look like a memory bug to me. Try running with just one memory stick at a time. The trick to troubleshooting is simplify. Run the machine with bare minimum – just what is required to work. If it still crashes there is less stuff to suspect. If it doesn't crash, add stuff back one step at a time. Hope this helps
Laurence I:
the asrock website gives a few notes: ram @ 1866 for FX cpu's… your 6gb ram sounds a bit iffy why 6gb? are they all same make/speeds? i suggest take 2 out see if its ok, if not put 2 back in and take the four out and see what happens. your bios must be 1.80 or newer.
6 gig ram seems to be an odd amount….since you have 4 slots ( 2 banks of 2 )…you know….you need 2 – 2 gig sticks….4 – 2 gig sticks….2 – 4 gig sticks…..catch my drift??…