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Technically you have to buy a larger screen but I believe you are asking how to make your screen more readable. The screen's resolution is what makes things bigger or smaller. The higher the resolution the small everything looks. You also have to be aware of your screen's dimensions since most screen drivers also include resolutions for the old square screens (4:3 ratio) versus new 9:16 ratio. So you have to pay attention to a resolution of 800 x 600 being a 4:3 ratio that is meant for squarish screens vs. a resolution of 1600 x 900 that is a 16:9 ratio meant for widescreen monitors. Finally, to adjust resolution, you can right click on desktop and select display properties, and possibly advanced display properties to change the resolution. You did not say which operating system but you could also type "resolution" in the search bar of the start window or cortana window and "change screen resolution" will pop up to click on.
Chris P:
Have you tried visiting an optician or moving your face closer to the screen?

You might also want to consider asking a civil question that provides enough information to get a sensible answer.

Take a pin cracks the screen replace it
Laurence I:
see display settings and choose a new theme. eg large fonts.