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Can you only use Firefox on Yahoo, l really do NOT want to change my IE, l would be grateful for a reply
It says l cannot get notifications unless l use the Firefox Browser? That message is displaying in my email box.

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Gillian: You can use Firefox, Google Chrome or IE on Yahoo. The better most compatible are Firefox or Chrome. There are some problems using IE on here. I use Chrome now to eliminate the issues with IE. Both browsers can be downloaded free. I have Windows 10 and tried that Edge browser but did not like it at all.

Other answer:

Your question makes no sense. You can use Yahoo on Firefox but as Yahoo isn't a browser you can't use Firefox on Yahoo.
I use a Brave Browser, which eliminates advertising!
and I use Linux Umbutu OS since Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP it is all free and I thought I would need windows to support my Photo Suites, but I discovered, that Linux provides a slew of free software, and Photo Suites, all for FREE, and it also has a Libra Office Suite , for any word processing, needs
Yes you can I am using it now.