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My computer is offering factory image restore as way to fix my computer. If I choose it, will my documents and pictures etc. be deleted? It says all personal files will be overwritten but I just want to make sure.

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pineapplepower: Yes, "all personal files will be overwritten" means exactly that – all of your personal files + any software you have installed since the day you bought your computer, will be overwritten. Reason is because Factory Restore means it puts the factory image back on your computer as it looked the day it left the factory. So all you will have is exactly what you had the day you bought the computer. So make sure you back up your personal files (pictures, videos, music, Word files, Excel, files, etc) to a safe location to transfer back after you do this. You can store them to an external hard drive, thumb drive, CD, DVD, etc or even to a free online storage site such as dropbox, etc. –> if you have a lot of files that won't fit on one site location you may have to set up multiple sites at different online storage sites (just type "free online storage" into any search engine to see what is available)

Other answer:

Factory restore from image overwrites existing data on a PC and user gets a clean OS with factory preinstalled drivers, programs, utilities, etc. for that model.
len again:
"Factory restore" will return computer to New out of the box condition ..
All that will remain is the operating system …
And removed will be every single file , program , App , document , picture , music , you added and windows updates.

Note.. Reset and Factory restore are not the same thing …
With "Reset" you get the option to remove personal files or keep them.
(Window8) Refresh is equivalent of Reset keeping personal files.

yes. You need to back them up to another drive first. Factory restore will delete EVERYTHING
Every Windows 10 I have ever restored has options that can be selected, yes overwritten means deleted. Why not select the option that will save them?
Yes it will.
Yes, it will wipe the machine.