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If you send someone a friend request, and block them, and then unblock, can they still see you have sent them a friend request?

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Tyler Johnson:
Yeah they'll get a notification from when you first sent it. Depending on how fast you blocked them is what will determine if they saw it was you or not. But it won't stay there once you unblock them. Could you answer my question?

Friendship is not a game you play by trial and error.

Ya you can give answer on Facebook ,if Question is valuable.
No they can not when you Block them it Automatically Cancels out the Friend Request even if you Unblock them it wont show any Friend Requests Sent
Abdullah Mahmood:
Two things to remember
1: To delete request just open that person and hover your mouse or tap on the friend request sent option (Send request button before you send request), And then click delete request. The person will never know that you send him a request (Before he/she view it).
2: If you block someone he will never know after unblock that you send him a request before. I mean it will delete the request.