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Facebook has disabled my account for no reason whatsoever. I sent an appeal and have submitted government ID but my birthday on the account does not match the one on the ID. Will facebook reactivate my account?

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They dont do it for no reason if they Disabled your Account they Caught you breaking one of there TOS Terms of Service like Lying about your Birthday

They may or may not Reactivate your Account you have to give them a Couple of weeks to look at your Photo ID If nothing is done after 4 weeks Assume you lost your Appeal

Smokies Hiker:
Since you have obviously provided facebook with false identification, like your birth date, they will likely not give you your old account back since they can't confirm who you are. The government requires this information be provided to them by any website if asked for it by government agency. Things changed after Sept. 11, 2001.
You should be rejoicing why the hell would anyone want a FB account is beyond me.
No. Wrong birthdate means a different person.
what do you mean "no reason"? you lied. you broke the rules. that's why they suspended your account