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Cookies are the information regarding the websites or links which a user visits or clicks.cookies depends upon the browser and the type of operating system is used.There is no one standardized way to remove cookies since different browsers clear cookies using different procedures. This page helps you manage cookies by instructing you on how to remove cookies on the Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer browsers. Since the vast majority of Internet users access the Web using these five browsers, we'll focus on them.For other browsers, follow the appropriate link.So each browser has its own way for removing the cookies.
If you wants remove cookies then follow simple steps…

1. Click on the “Menu” tab in the upper-right corner, and select “Settings.”

2. Now, click on “Show Advanced Settings,” at the bottom of the menu, and then “Content Settings.”

3. Chrome gives you options when it comes to how to deal with cookies. You can store all cookies without discretion, store all cookies but delete them once you close your browser, block cookies entirely , and block third-party tracking cookies.

4. Click on “All cookies and site data…” to see a list of all the cookies Chrome has stored on your hard drive. From there you can delete specific files individually, or delete everything by selecting “Remove All.”

Go to settings of crome tehn history then delete cookies in history option
Deleting cookies from Firefox –> Click on right Side Top Menu Icon from URL bar –Click on history –Clear Recent History ,
Chrome — > Click on right Side Top Menu Icon from URL bar –Click on history –>clear browsing history

Inernet Explorer : Click on Right Top setting Icon –> internet Option —Delete

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Delete your all history in your browser by pressing ctrl + h
Which device? Which OS? Which version? Which browser? Which version?
Look in Tools / Options
Chrome — > Click on right Side Top Menu Icon from URL bar click on settings — > advance settings — > privacy — > content settings — > all cookies site data — > remove all– > done
Go to setting on your page
Just pick them up and pop them in the cookie jar.
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Go to your setting and open your history tab and remove all