Does Windows Defender act like anti virus and is it good enough?

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I have Windows 8.1.

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runner1: It depends which operating system you have before Windows 8 Windows Defender was not a full antivirus it was only a full antivirus from Windows 8 going forward and no it is not a powerful antivirus. It's only made to get you going when you have a brand new computer so you have some basic protection to get onto the internet to get yourself a better antivirus. An Antivirus like Avast will check the computer, the router, check your email and also do things like check your websites before you go on to them and a bunch of other things Windows Defender does not have all these extra capabilities. Also if you need extra features you can buy the extra things you need from the Avast but the main antivirus component is free.
Get yourself a professional antivirus and then from time to time turn it off and scan your computer with Windows Defender that way you have two sources of security

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yes it is ok.
Yeah windows defender is only enogh for secure your pc or laptop and its really working but u have to update it time to time so its working like antivirus