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I was wondering if best buy had hard drives for your pc but i want to buy it in-store.

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The do have some in stores but it's a rather small selection. As someone pointed out, you can go to their website and check the stock in the store.

Often times you'll save money by getting the drive at amazon.

Best Buy is good when you're in a pinch or they have a drive on sale. Sometimes they have nice SSD drives but the price of the same drive at amazon or newegg is usually a lot lower. Not sure if they pricematch with online retailers.

They used to sell hard drives in store, but I do not know if they still do. I stopped even entering Best Buy stores when I discovered that most of their products are way over priced. One can buy hard drives for a lot less at Staples stores. Even Fry's is cheaper than Best Buy. It turns out that Best Buy is taking advantage of people who are not tech savvy and therefore make a lot of money off of them!
Amazon and Staples. There are many different types of HD anymore. Depending on desktop or laptop. A laptop can use a Sold State Drive (SSD), and they are dirt cheap but will start Win 10 with an I5 in less then 30 seconds. Can't beat a SSD in speed. Plus they love the AHCI setting you can add.
Yes…if you go to the Best Buy website and search "internal hard drives" a list of what's available will come up. If it says "Store pickup: pickup today" that means they have it in stock at the nearest store (which you can change )
Smokies Hiker:
The used to sell internal hard drives, but you can usually find a better deal buying one online. Just be sure you know what you want if you go the online route.
Memelord Prime:
Yes, both laptop and desktop drives as well as solid state drives.

That said, they generally only carry the mainstream lines in-store (for example, the WD Blue series). If you're looking for the high performance or NAS drives, like WD Black or Red drives, they're carried online but not typically in-store.

No Bozos:
If you go to the Best Buy site and chose a particular drive you want, there is a link called "check nearby stores". If you click on that link a menu will pop up telling you which Best Buy near you has that item in the store.


As others have said, you have to check the stores in your area (can be done online) for "in stock". I checked and their prices were comparable to Fry's and Walmart. (Fry's had a better selection of manufacturers, speeds and sizes.) You can save a bit on line, but for basic HHDs, their prices aren't bad, are faster delivery when you pick up in store and save shipping costs. Their USB externals also were equal priced to the other retail stores.
yes they have had them in store in the past I've noticed they' re moving away from parts and such for complete systems with online sales taking up the parts .