Does anyone know what the cpu slot size is for this computer case?

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Does anyone know what the cpu slot size is for this computer case?

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CPU Slot size has NOTHING to do with a Computer Case.
CPU Slot Size is determined by the Motherboard.
And the Computer Case is determined by the Motherboards Form Factor (size).

Try Again.

The wording isn't slot size, it's socket compatibility. On top of that, the full system or the guts of the system isn't referred to as the CPU, the CPU is the Processor…. the heart and the brains of the system.

CPU Socket compatibility is determined by the motherboard. Terms like micro-ATX and ATX are the size of the motherboard, often called Form Factor.

The case you selected supports regular ATX and micro-ATX sized motherboards. Then again, if you went to Costco and bough a HP desktop, the form factor of the motherboard would likely be micro-ATX. micro-ATX is quite common in prebuilt desktops.

Considering it doesn't come with a mother board, you would need to decide which motherboard you were going to use and then find out which CPU "socket" that motherboard uses.

The specs say to use a motherboard of the Micro ATX, or ATX types if that is what you really meant.

It appears from the wording of your question that you have so little knowledge of computers that building your own will cost you lots of money and I would be really surprised if it worked when you got it finished. Building a computer is not some simple erector set that works through plug and play!

The case has nothing to do with what CPU can or cannot be used. The motherboard is what determines what CPU can be used. The case is just a plastic/metal box.
Any CPU socket could fit in that case. That is because a CPU socket is on a motherboard. The motherboard is in the case.
Standard sizes for those are ATX and mini-ATX (fewer card slots). I think micro-ATX would be too small for you, as would yet smaller ones.
If your looking into what size video card will fit…..take a peek at the specs….you'll see where it states it can handle a video card that is 14 3/4" long…..( it'll fit anything…)…
When i see questions like these, I wonder why this person is attempting to build their own system.
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