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John: Yeah I do. Their rules are very over the top and ridiculous. But at the same time the rules are very rarely enforced. So in the end I think it balances out.

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Not at all. The rules are legally driven to ensure users don't upload content that contains copyrighted material, illegal or dangerous acts (which can incur the attention of the authorities), sexually explicit material, racist behavior, stalking, invading other people's privacy, etc. Remember Google already has the legal right to impose and enforce the Youtube Community Guidelines and Terms of Use on all their users. They can also change or modify the rules at any time and without any notice given. If you feel the rules are way too strict for you, then it's advisable you to not return to the site.

There is already a user experience that is fun and enjoyable, but it has to be done within the strict confines of the rules.

Not really i think they're quite fair, i do however disagree with some of the systems they have in place especially the auto copyright system which sometimes picks up videos for copyright and their not or when people file false claims. Apart from that i think it's a fair website, if if it was so bad millions of people wouldn't use it a day.
The rules that are implemented by the administrators of YouTube are entirely legality-driven.

Particularly on this planet, the power-brokers are tirelessly enacting new and exciting laws to control the sheeple (whilst increasing profits for themselves). There is NOTHING stupid about the rules that they dream up. It's all about controlling you via the law (your thoughts, your actions, your perception of life, all controlled by the folks who rule over you).

Yes, like the Google+ upda… apocalypse. They are really bad at listening to the community but because there is only one video sharing website, they can do whatever they want. If they had competition, they would actually care. (Kind of like Niantic)