Do you still love Palestinians after seeing this?

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the video shows them celebrating 9.11:

Please please follow and spread so the world sees the truth!!!

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There are aršeholes in every group of people. Just because you see a few Palestinian aršeholes doesn't mean that every Palestinian is the same. But you can definitely say that someone who believes the opposite is definitely a stupid aršehole because you're then sticking to calling just that individual a šhit-ring based solely on that individual's behaviour. That doesn't automatically mean that person's family, friends, neighbours and colleagues are also aršeholes but common sense tells you that a few will be anyway, regardless.
They didn't all feel that way. I don't "love" Palestinians, and I'm not so crazy about modern Israelis either (I take a sort of "pox on both your houses" attitude), but they can't all be tarred with the same brush.

My Jewish husband, in-laws, and many Jewish friends and colleagues agree.

Unless you're a total idiot, you know that.

No I do not. By the way, what do you mean by Palestinians? There is no such people or country in which they live in ("Palestine" is not an actual country which the UN doesn't recongize)
i mean , I never liked them but im pretty sure not all of them felt that way , just because you see a few of them celebrating that doesn't mean every palestiniain felt the same way.