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if not, why not

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Yes, I technically do have a Facebook account, but I never use it, and the whole point of creating the account was just so that I can log back in to my games. So I guess I do have Facebook, but I only got it about 2 weeks ago and I will never use it. The reason is because Facebook is only for the people who like to go around and talk, chat, whatever, and because we had an internet footprint safety assembly 2 years ago that mentioned the dangers of using Facebook, and how someone can track down where you live, easily. I was pretty scared after that. Plus, Facebook is more like when you have a large group of friends that also use Facebook, and you can share stuff with them. I mean, only like 2 of my friends use Facebook and they wouldn't care what I post. No one would. There's not much exciting going on in my life. Nothing to share.
And that's Facebook: sharing.
Yes I have a Facebook
Yes. But all my friends use twitter, insta, wechat, snapchat and so on because they say facebook is for old people and losers. I don't understand why, I've been using facebook since I was 9 and it's still my favourite social media site.

unlike twitter and tumblr, facebook has a more mature audience and at least everyone here doesn't spam hashtag and the cry-laugh emoji (If you know what I mean) because it's super annoying.

Mohammad Hossain:
Yes I have a Facebook profile; because it is Facebook. These days having a Facebook profile is more important than having a social security/
No. What with my flip-phone and my email (plus snail mail of course), I've never seen the need for an additional channel for contact. If anybody who has any business contacting me wishes to, they have abundant means of doing so. This idea of creating a "profile" for strangers to look at seems a little creepy. The notion that I'm supposed to derive enjoyment from entering information and then having others, whom I may or may not know, take notice of said information just seems like utter nonsense. This Y!A thing is mad enough, but at least it gives one the opportunity to organize one's thoughts on some subject. Facebook doesn't offer that. Rather, the whole thing makes me think of something designed to amuse the inmates of an asylum. Clearly, social media just isn't for me.
Goranko Ilić:
I used Facebook 2014 – 2016. I deleted my Facebook accounts in August. There are the milions of fake profiles, trolls and scammers on Facebook. I saw many uninteresting photos and posts on Facebook. People talk too much about themselves.
No, because I don't want to read what people had for dinner, or see pictures of their kids or their cats, and I don't want a load of fake friends wishing me happy birthday on facebook with empty phrases and birthday wishes just because facebook reminded them it's my birthday, I'd rather spend the time with real friends, and my family, and do things with my wife. Basically, I don't use social media, because I have a life.
I have a Facebook account but I'm never on it it takes up to much time to be on it. My true fiends I hang out with. Facebook is for people to afraid to comment face to face.
Yeah I have Facebook Account..
Ralph G:
No. I used to have a My Space page, but I finally realized that I don't want everyone to know my life, so I closed it. I also think that Facebook is just a load of fluff and nonsense.