Do you guys think my computer will be able to run with my current psu and graphics card, especially while gaming/ under load?

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recommended for 1060 on nvidia s site is 450w but i m cheap and only currently have a 300w.

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Back Pimples: Dislike tiny builds as too easy to mess up in part choices and cost more for lower quality and air flow,
51Watt i3-6100
3Watt CPU cooler fits
Asus GTX 1060 6GB is 120W nominal, 1x6pin, 26.67 x 11.12 x3.81 Centimeter , ATX height, can get to 150W maximum
Case Maximum dimension of graphics card is 310x145x47mm (LxHxD)
Card fits
You are pressing the heck out of it, and after adding a keyboard and mouse further loading it.
It is a mid-grade 300W power supply…
The 12V will output on the low side of voltage reducing performance by a bit.
Everything is going to be all crammed in, and its hard to tell what the interior temperatures are going to run.
I personally don't like it, but it all barely fits and functions at the recommended limits or slightly above.
Your total cost will be higher than shown after the shipping numbers get added in.
The GTX 1060 is spec'ed as 120W maximum nominal, but can get to 150 watts
CPU should max 51W and motors up to 15W for 216W/264W or 82% maximum 12V load
Total load can press as high as 250W out of the 300W as up to 83% load
Your load factors are above recommended by a bit at maximum load, but still shows functioning.
The age of the power supply becomes a factor as they used 2nd tier capacitors.

If you did not have the power supply, you get a stock 450W with the case at $120.…
which is the same $70+50
And the 18/18 split rail of the 450W stock is slightly better, but not by much.

Build itself will be difficult,…

Isn't this EVGA GTX 1060 6GB a better choice?

That is a low rated SSD.,8234

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Back Pimples:
The recommended minimum PSU takes into account users who have 220 watt CPUs. If you have a power eficient CPU you can go lower, check your system on several PSU calculators if you really want to.…

But you're asking for trouble even going borderline with what the PSU calculators recommend.

Either way, a 300 watt PSU is probably not going to have the power plugs you need to power your video card anyway.

Minimum recommended is listed at 450W for a reason. Going lower than that is likely to cause a lot of problems, from poor performance to sudden system restarts when the load gets too high. At the very least, you should get the minimum 450W.

You can get a good 450W for around $40

I would also recommend the EVGA graphics card over the ASUS card, as it is considerably smaller. You might have trouble fitting the ASUS card in that case.

Almost certain to give problems