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So I need money so I thought of the idea of creating a YouTube video create a bunch of fake accounts and watch it over and over again
1) Will this work
2) Will I get caught

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Considering that you've just told the entire internet what you're planning to do. I would say say: No, it won't work, and Yes, you'll get caught.
The person above me said it perfectly.
You would get caught over time because your amounts wouldn't be equal. Unless you make thousands of accounts, it won't realy help you get noticed.
Also,not sure if I am right, but each account only counts as one view. You can't get five views on one video through one account. Honestly, it is unproductive.
Try to share your videos online insetad of faking it.
Faking it till you make it doesn't work on youtube.
Umair has it right. want to beat the system? Buy thousands of computers and connect each through its own internet account. You would have that number of "subscribers". Multiple contacts by each account does not increase the subscribers and thus doesn't affect any money. The downside is the cost for thousands of computers and thousands of internet accounts would be rather cost ineffective.
It won't work & you'll get caught. Better make original, unique videos & don't cheat YouTube
Yes you will definitely be caught. Youtube tracks the clicks using IP address. And your IP address is a unique identifier of your PC. If you keep clicking with the same IP address then you will most definitely be caught.
won't work
No. Yes.