Do real hackers use Kali Linux ? And if so how can I learn to become one?

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I guess that depends on your definition of "hacker". I am s Linux professional. I am regarded as a "hacker" for many reasons. I have never used Kali Linux.

You did know that there is a big difference between a hacker and a "hacker" as in slang?

Go to a site like "hackaday" and read stuff written by real hackers.

Robert J:
Not particularly.

Firstly, "Hacking" is creative, building hardware and programming it; "cracking" is the destructive / attacking other computers type stuff.
(TV & Movie writers just think hacking sounds better or do not know the difference).…

Kali happens to have a load of network testing & scanning tools etc. pre-installed, but they can be built on any version of linux / unix type system.

Nowadays, virtually all cracking / exploits are done via social engineering – tricking people into giving up their passwords – rather than any form of direct attack on a computer.

With the newer security algorithms and proper random-character passwords, cracking a password via brute-fore software is literally impossible; eg. an eight character password has so many possibilities it takes decades to go through them even if you could try a million a second.

Cracking in the form of password (& account) theft via social engineering has literally become big business. Many "phishing" emails are sent by criminal gangs, to take over peoples bank accounts etc. and also steal their identities.

Also remember that any form of unathorised access to a computer system (including web sites) is an imprisonable offence pretty much world-wide.

[Electronics designer & programmer for 40+ years, also 1970s hacker].

No, they use DOS!

Just kidding – of course they use it – it's the best tool out there!
You can visit defcon CTF and take part of the tournament!


Yes, and read and follow tutorials. and