Do people earn money for publishing videos on Facebook?

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How does it work?
Any idea?
Can someone share his/her idea?

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Honest: No They Dont Earn Any Money For Publishing Videos On Facebook The Only Way They Would Earn Any Kind Of Money From It Is If Someone Were To Buy There Videos

Other answer:

You can earn money by publishing videos on facebook or youtube that are sponsored by some companies, but mind the backlash. I unsubscribed from some video producers on youtube since their videos are sponsored and they tell me three times in fifteen minutes how ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC their sponsoring company is. No, it isn't, and I'm watching videos for content, not commercials.
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you notice some advertising and popups on youtube and facebook. if you get enough people to like it you get paid by advertisers to have adds by your face book page. Why they are always asking you to like a picture they post. Showing cripled people or sick and saying give me a like and share. Then if enough people do that they make money
Usually just on YouTube. I would post it there first to see if it gets popular, and it will make its way to Facebook if it gets popular.