Do iPads need antivirus and if yes where to get it?

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leonbakhan: Virii and malware are out there for EVERY device. There are nowhere near as many for Apple systems as for other devices. IE: the thousands that can attack Windows, but one is too many, if it is on YOUR device.

Everyone should use some form of anti-virus/anti-malware. (two different dangers that often need two different apps for good protection) Do a search for "free anti-virus software" ( and add your operating system to the search for those designed for your device.) Then do another search the same way for "free anti-malware software".

With Apple products, I've never found any advantage between the free and the paid protection software.

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Every operating system needs security and judging bythe recent episodes of fresh malware against iOS & the rest, it becomes iperative to have some form of protection. Even though there is none for iPad as yet
They don't NEED antivirus as long as they're not jailbroken. Heres a IOS security guide: Ios: Install a security program like lookout, trend micro, or norton. Don't jailbreak… ever. Avoid sites with potential malware such as hacker forums or porn sites. Only install a app with at least 10 thousand downloads. Avoid public or untrustworthy wifi.
IPads, IPhones, IPods, Macs are completely immune to viruses so you'll not find anti viruses or anti malware. Malware or viruses cannot get virus cause they are controlled by Apple and Apple blocks access to do a bad thing.
You definitely do "not" need this with iOS. The antivirus makers will tell you that you do but of course they want to sell you it. iOS is very secure, 99% of all viruses are android and the other 1% is other misc devices, you wont get any of that on iOS and the virus writers wont even waste their time with it.
No. iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod) needs no antivirus. Neither do iMacs and MacBooks (macOS or OS X). Viruses are Windows problems.
OS can not catch any virus so do not panic
Yes they need one. I guess you can find some if you search on apps?
Yes. From the app store.