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I have a GTX 760 and an AMD FX-6350, games like Watch Dogs 2 struggle a lot

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leon: Ideally both, but upgrade the CPU first. If you want to just replace the CPU, get an FX-8350. A better upgrade (and more expensive too) would be to wait for AMD Zen (high-end in January, low-end in March) and buy an SR3 (essentially an i7-6700K) for $150. You would also need a new motherboard and DDR4 for that though.

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Probably true.
You could get some more performance by:
Cleaning up registry if a Windows machine
Limit what is loaded on power up with msconfig.exe
Disk cleanup with Windows Disk clean or Ccleaner
Have 25% empty space on every letter drive
Put in more RAM and/or an SSD for system and games
Limit resolution
Overclock MB and video if possible
Install more cooling fans or do liquid cooling.
your CPU is great. wait a minute, those are better than the recommended specs for watchdogs 2, it's due to background apps or ram.
Of course it struggles…….that AMD processor is down in the bare min requirements…( bare min fx 6120 ) the 6350 is around barely 10% better…
The gtx 760 bare min specs a gtx 660…the 660 outperforms the 760….

So right off the bat……your down in the barely to run the game on low low settings….